Planning to own investment property?

Planning to own investment property? Here are 10 costs that you need to add to your calculations

One of the common Singaporean dreams is to own a second property to rent out and earn rental income. This comes as a plan to achieve financial freedom early, or provide an income once one retires. What people don’t know is that there is a lot of financial muscle that it to be flexed in the process. Overstretching our finances can be a costly decision. Here are 10 things you need to consider if you plan to invest in a property.

Mortgage repayment

Almost everyone needs a mortgage to buy an investment property. Regardless of what you will get in rent, you need to ensure that your numbers add up. Otherwise, you will have to dish out a substantial amount of money from your pocket to pay for the mortgage. Avoid edging yourself financially and put into consideration any risk such as a slide in the economy which put people in a bad position to repay their loans.

Property agent commission

This is not a hidden cost when purchasing a second property yet most investors tend to overlook it. Agent commission amount is less than 5% of monthly rent. Agents play a crucial role in managing the property, getting reasonable rental rates, ensuring prompt payment and help in sprucing up the place to rent it out quickly.

Maintenance fee

Majority of condos in Singapore require maintenance fee each month. This fee maintains facilities such as tennis courts, gardens, security, hygiene and cleanliness. Larger units pay more maintenance fee.

Property tax

Property tax is charged by a government to landlords. Here are the figures: 10.7% on the first $45,000 of annual property value, an incremental percentage for $15,000 increase in property value of up to $90,000. Anything above $90,000 get 20% charge.


It’s mandatory to insure your property even if you do not live on it. Fire insurance is a primary type of insurance in Singapore. However, since you are not the one living on the property you have less to insure, thus lower premiums.

Income tax

Income tax is another financial component investors overlook when purchasing an investment property. If your income inflates by more than $40,000, you will be pushed into higher income bracket. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, properly a retiree, anything more than $20,000 is considered taxable income.

Monitoring costs

If you leave your renting condo for two years, you will realize that it had deteriorated into poor condition. This means sprucing things up for the next tenant or reducing the rent. This is why monitoring the state of our property is essential.

Weak economy

An average man does not have control over the economy. If the economy gets affected, you may be subjected to financial stress with mortgages and another cost which remain constant despite low rental fees. There are also other private residential units coming up which might cause weakness in the rental market. This might get worse if the government continue to tighten foreign labor policies.
Other factors to consider are administrative expenses which come up to a small fee but is worth your time if you plan to invest in more than one property. …

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Reasons why people more are choosing to buy executive condominiums in Singapore

Home buyers have picked a substantial number of executive condos in 2016, a total of 4000 ECs marking a 56.82% increase compared to units sold in 2015. The demand for executive condos continues to steadily increase since the fall in supply of this type of housing due to the introduction of cooling measures in 2014. Let’s look at some of the top reason why more buyers are going for ECs in Singapore.

Competitive prices

The increase of some ECs sold in 2016 can be attributed to the overwhelming response of better prices thanks to competition between private contractors. For example, Sim Lian sold a398 units in Treasure Crest, out of 500 units in a month upon its launch. The average cost of EC at Treasure Crest was S$737, a lower price compared to projects done by The Vales and Belleswater before.

Possibility of further decline is low

Prices of ECs have substantially decreased since late 2014 and early 2015. This makes the possibility of the prices going down limited with buyers wanting to take advantage of the price shoots back up. For example, in 2017 only a few ECs were launched with another one late in the year. Fewer executive condos mean the demand will go high, and the price will follow suit.

More EC nearing TOP

When new executive condos reach their TOP dates, they will become more attractive to those wanting to upgrade their homes or to the 1st time buyers who need a home soon. For home upgrades, this will ease the financial burden of buying a second property while 1st homeowners will need a new place as getting a house form resale market.

Limited choices by location in Singapore

There are upcoming executive condos by Choa Chu Kang, Anchorvale and Yoi Chu Kang. Buyers preferring other location have no choice. For instance, if you are looking to stay in Jurong, Lakelife and Westwood residences are the only ECs available. For Canberra, you have to choose between The Visionaries and Brownstone.

EC is a safer and wiser investment option

In today’s property market, commercial, industrial properties, and private residential are facing times of uncertainties making ECs a more reliable choice and a better investment choice. According to research by OrangeTee, first-hand owners of private EC are bound to make considerable gains however it’s important to note that 21 ECs studied were purchased before the Asian financial crisis. Therefore if you plan to hand on your EC, you are highly likely to enjoy a proper capital appreciation.

This gain is even better when you own a new executive condominium, a primary reason being new ECs are priced up to 20% lower than private condos during the launch. After 5 years the price can between private condos and ECs narrows to 9%. After 10 years, this gap drops down to 5%.
So what do we expect this year? More upgraders are expected to come into ECs that for sure. Therefore, if you are interested in owning one, it’s high time you start looking for one that works for your property budget. …

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Rivercove Residences EC: The best executive condominium available at Sengkang in 2018

Rivercove Residences EC, a brand new executive condominium in the neighborhood of Anchorvale lane in Sengkang, Singapore. This wonderful executive condominium is expected to launch in the year 2018. It is the project of Hoi Hup Realty which has won the bid of $235 million for the plot of land by keeping behind 15 more contenders. It is considered that it would be going to one of the best well developed EC as it has to include Lush Acres in the immediate area.

It is going to be proved as one of the best executive condominium projects in the district 19 Sengkang. Hoi Hup Realty is going to develop about 635 3 to 5 bedroom types units overall. The name of this wonderful executive condominium project is drawn from the river Sungei Punggol on the bank of which is going to be developed.

Hoi Hup Realty is currently working on the project Sophia Hills located at Dhoby Ghaut and also has built up a pipeline also for these two executive condominium projects of District 19 Sengkang. Rivercove Residences EC is going to be the next huge success after Hundred Palms Residences and considered to break all of the previous records of success.

Getting excited? Visit Rivercove Residences Showflat today to find out more!

Highlights of Rivercove Residences EC

Rivercove Residences EC is considered to be a project of 10 blocks and 16 stories at Ancorvale Lane. This wonderful executive condominium is considered to have about 635 units of three to five bedroom type units. The river bay will provide the EC a great view and hence best for the nature lovers. This EC is located nearer to Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre where you can enjoy ample facilities such as indoor swimming pool, water slides, indoor stadiums for various sports an much more where you can spend quality time with your family.


Best spot for education: – What is the main requirement of most of the young couples if they are seeing the best residency? It is education; right? Rivercove Residences EC is about 1 KM away from one of the best and well reputed primary school in the city i.e. Nan Chiau Primary School. Therefore we can say it as the best spot for all the one who is seeking to get enrolled their children in the best school in the city. The school is a well established primary school in Singapore which includes high extensive history. The school emphasis on bilingualism and biculturalism and also an emphasis on the Chinese culture and Chinese literature too.


Amazing amenities: – Rivercove Residences EC is located in one of the best locations in Anchorvale Lane District 19 Sengkang. The executive condominium is surrounded by various amenities which will serve as one of the one of the best milestone in its success. The EC is surrounded by various big shopping malls, educational institutes, hospitals and much more and hence perfect place where you can easily meet with all of your daily necessities and also help you a lot emergencies also.…

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Become A Property Pro With These 5 Effective Real Estate to Do’s

The following suggestions will help you get more familiarized with the realty market, so you can hold your very own when pitted versus a property specialist. Keep reading to know what to do, in order to get a hang of the operations of a property market:

Study the Latest Pricing Charts

This might sound uninteresting, but keep a track of the most recent rates in your region regularly. Over an amount of time, you will learn the complexities of altering real estate costs and the elements that contribute in promoting gratitude and devaluation. Also, make certain you compare the rates of neighbouring areas with your area. This will inform you where the greatest and most affordable real estate needs spring from.

Research the Causes for Price Fluctuation

Realty rates are not independent as there is always a driving force that triggers the change. This can be due to different aspects such as, a brand-new school or shopping mall that opened in close distance to your home, and even the altering market forces of need and supply. Think about buying regions that have or will quickly deal with valuing rates, as they ensure a high yield in a brief amount of time.

Keep Track of Local School Rankings

Rates of homes are straight proportional to the rankings of the schools in the area. The reasoning behind this is greater school scores attract parents to transfer to areas where these schools exist, for the sake of their kids. This in turn raises the need for homes and other residential or commercial properties in the surrounding locations.

Glance Through Property Tax Percentages

Think about there are 2 cities, side by side. The real estate tax portion is considerably greater in one city as compared with the other. There is a guaranteed possibility that the city with low property rates will be on the list for many prospective purchasers. Nevertheless, there is a need to beware here as property rates might decrease, when there is low development capacity and if the facilities are insufficient to sustain the occupants. This is when first-hand research is essential.

Look Out For the Outskirts

The property market follows a pattern where, if the developmental operate in the cities reach a saturation point, the need reduces. This is when residential or commercial properties in the borders collect more need than anticipated as people start searching for much better options. Other locations that are close to significant transport centers like bus and train stations, will also deal with increased property need.

Realty experts use their experience in the field and their connections in the zonal commission to identify how great or bad the marketplace in a specific area is. These couple of truths make sure to assist enhance your present property understanding.…

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3 Steps for Securing Equity Capital for Your Real Estate Project

I formerly shared the actions for producing an expert plan for a realty job; the significance of acquiring third-party recognition; suggestions in the best ways to find the best funding sources; and ideas on providing the task expertly, then sealing the deal. This method will allow you to acquire funding term sheets, letters of intent and/or funding dedication letters from loan providers if your job is economically practical and falls within the loaning criteria of the funding organizations that you approach. However, funding always needs a money contribution, as 100% funding is not practical in today’s market.

Loan provider requirements for money equity contributions, deposits or deposits, normally fall in between 15% and 40% of the overall job expense (85% to 60% Loan-To-Value ratio). A part or all the equity value in the property can in some cases help in reducing the money deposit requirement, but it is very not likely for a traditional loan provider to entirely get rid of the money contribution requirement because lending institutions wish to guarantee that the principal (s) are vested in the task, or have “skin in the game”. The money deposit is essential to close the loan and acquire funding.

So, where does the money deposit originated from? There are numerous possible sources:

  • Your pocket
  • Your partner’s pocket (if you have one)
  • Equity from another property you might own (if any)
  • Personal financiers

There are many benefits to instilling the money equity requirement yourself, consisting of that you maintain all earnings and complete control of the job at all times. This can typically be the most beneficial funding structure because it optimizes your earnings and control. Nevertheless, there are also benefits to protecting equity involvement from financiers, consisting of:

  • Less squander of pocket allows you to be more liquid, keep more money reserves and/or diversify your financial investments to make benefit from other jobs or ventures at the same time
  • Reduces your danger and direct exposure in the task
  • Enhances your funding abilities

There are 3 standard actions for protecting equity capital for your property job:

Prepare a financial investment proposal.

Source similar financiers and personal financial investment companies

Financial investment settlements and contract

Investment Proposition

There are many methods to create a financial investment proposal. I’ve seen a financial investment proposal composed on the back of a napkin … and the offer was moneyed! (This was a designer looking for a financial investment from his granny). I’ve seen spoken arrangements get moneyed by relative. I’ve also seen very complex, fancy and prolonged financial investment proposals not get moneyed. How you record your financial investment proposal is incredibly essential. The very first 2 examples were properly gotten ready for their desired audiences; the 3rd was not. If your job is economically possible and can show affordable gain for financiers, protecting financial investment capital becomes a function of appropriate documents, sourcing, discussion and settlement.

No matter whether a financial investment proposal is meant for a relative or an advanced financial investment company, correct documents always boosts your capability to protect funding. Your proposal must be expert, clear and succinct. Following are some standard ideas for recording your financial investment proposal:

  1. Supply a quick executive summary explaining the job and the financial investment proposal. Within the executive summary, describe the financial investment quantity needed, return on financial investment, time-frame of the financial investment, and go over the security, security and/or equity value that can help safeguard the financier.
  2. Offer a financial summary of making uses of funds, sources of funds, running forecasts and capital of the task.
  3. Talk about the funding structure and capitalization plan.
  4. Connect term sheets, letters of intent, funding proposals, and/or dedication letters from potential lending institutions.
  5. Connect the job plan.

Source Like-Minded Investors and Investment Organizations

Where do you find financiers that would have an interest in taking part in your task? If your job is economically practical and you’ve prepared an expert plan and a succinct financial investment proposal, then you’re just actions far from discovering your equity financier (s). It requires time and decision, but it can be a rewarding effort that can last beyond a single job. Here are some tips for acquiring sources:

  • Contact local and local mortgage brokers, realty brokers, title business, realty lawyers, and other property specialists. Deal a finder’s cost.
  • Place advertisements online and in local and local papers.
  • Prepare a job websites where potential financiers can find the job and review/download significant files, including your financial investment proposal.
  • Work with a specialist or funding broker that concentrates on protecting equity involvement.
  • Evaluation your very own contacts and business cards – You’d be shocked at how rewarding this effort might be.
  • Go to networking occasions and or conferences for personal financiers in your area and/or area, then gather business cards and make subsequent calls and conferences.
  • Devote time to making calls, establishing visits and taking part in conferences to provide your job to potential financiers. Become a specialist at providing your job. Prepare a multimedia discussion to assist them concentrate on the points you wish to tension. Do not stop up until you get it done. If your task is possible and lucrative, it can get moneyed with appropriate decision and effort.

Financial Investment Negotiations and Agreement

How much should you use a financier? Depending upon the nature of a task, viewed danger, success, area, your experience, competition, need, supply and various other aspects, I’ve seen financiers need from 5% to 95% of the task and/or revenue. Most financiers wish to see that you have “skin in the game”, usually 10% to 50% of the quantity you inquire to buy the task. Showing that you have purchased the task or that you will invest into the job is includes value to the offer. You ought to record this plainly and offer proof of the time and money you have bought your task.

Other products that are open to settlement consist of the portion of control in the job, functions of the parties, reporting treatments for the financiers, and so on. You need to supply advantage and value to the financiers, but at the exact same time you do not wish to lose all control or get very little gain for your efforts. Discovering the best balance is very value. This is achieved through open discussion and reliable communication in between the parties.

There is no worldwide formula for this, so it’s difficult for me to offer precise suggestions on what to propose financiers for your particular job. I would highly advise getting suggestions from a smart lawyer who can assist in preparing the financial investment arrangement and structuring the financial investment terms. Consult with your lawyer initially so that you have an initial structure for the offer; then use your lawyer when working out any adjustments with potential financiers.

If you have a history or just recently finished property jobs, record this plainly and show prospective financiers throughout your discussions and conferences. If you do not have a performance history of effectively finished property tasks, raising your very first equity financial investment can be tougher, but if you follow the above recommendations and you are figured out, the sky is the limitation!

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A Guide to Understanding Adverse Possession in Real Estate

Unfavorable Possession is the method of getting legitimate ownership over a piece of land, which is initially owned by somebody else. There are a particular set of conditions that need to fall in place for the transfer of ownership to happen. The majority of individuals are not acquainted with the legalities that govern such a transfer of ownership, which leads many disagreements in between the initial owner and the negative holder. Here is what you, as a landowner, need to understand about this property term:

Legal Requirements for Adverse Possession

Some people believe that simple ownership of the land over a set time period suffices to get approved for this kind of ownership. This is definitely false. There are other conditions that should be satisfied, such as undisturbed and unique belongings, and open and infamous real tenancy. The party looking for unfavorable belongings has to plainly show that it has satisfied all such requirements in the court. Just then will they get a legitimate title for the land.

Cover of Possession

While the duration of ownership is not the only requirements for obtaining negative ownership, it is an exceptionally important one. In most nations, the minimum variety of years of belongings is 20 years. If this period isn’t really satisfied, you cannot declare a stake over the ownership.

Intent of Hostile Possession

Another vital requirement for this kind of belongings is the intent behind the belongings. The court considers that it will think about the transfer of ownership legitimate, just when the negative holder has a hostile objective to take control of the land. Nevertheless, hostile intent does not need intentional, wilful, hostile displeasure.

Initial Owner’s Acquiescence

The law specifies that this sort of belongings stands before 20 years of belongings, supplied that the initial owner of the land voluntarily provides the title to the present owner. This can save both the parties a great deal of trouble, but is generally incredibly uncommon as nobody wishes to hand out their property totally free.

Negative belongings takes place often, and can take place in any property associated context. There are great deals of technicalities associated with its procedure. A thorough understanding on the offered legal treatments can make the procedure fairly simple.…

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